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But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, Knowing from whom you have learned them.

Christadelphian eJournal of Biblical Interpretation
(ISSN 1755-9227)

With the advent of the Internet, it is possible to distribute biblical study materials without traditional costs.The Christadelphian community currently has no journal that covers academic biblical studies.There is a need for such a journal both to introduce and engage with biblical studies as practiced today.The eJournal will be circulated by e-mail attachment and stored online on the Christadelphian eJournal of Biblical Interpretation website.The inclusion of articles in this online journal is the decision of the editors, but after publication, articles are subject to peer review. This will allow authors to respond to comments and change their articles in the light of remarks. Online publication allows articles to be changed after publication, and for this reason, the articles will be given a version number and the website will hold corrected articles.

The eJournal is intended to be a forum for articles written in an analytical style. It is a vehicle for exegetical and expositional articles, a distinction that we draw in the following way: exegetical articles are concerned with laying bare the various layers of meaning in a text without regard to the application of this information to the ecclesia. Expositional articles are exegetical and in addition show how the textual material is relevant to the ecclesia. Devotional and homiletical material lies outside the remit of the eJournal, as do articles relating prophecy to current affairs, but doctrinal and apologetic articles are welcomed provided they have the necessary exegetical approach.

Finally, the policy of the journal is to publish material that will be of value over time. They should therefore be presentations of ideas rather than controversies of the moment.In summary, the eJournal seeks to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Offer analytical and expositional articles on biblical texts
  • Engage academic biblical studies that originate in other Christian confessions
  • Defend the Biblical principles summarised in the common Christadelphian statement of faith
  • Subject the published articles to peer review and amendment

In 2018 the eJournal transitioned from a quarterly publication to a bi-annual publication and then ceased publication in 2019. It was replaced in 2019 with a bi-annual “Supplement Series” of longer papers with each issue being devoted to a theme.

The eJournal is also published in printed Annual editions and can be ordered online.

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